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May 2016

Cosy Office Bubble

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We are all connected and part of something so much bigger than our own little worlds, but sometimes, feeling safe in your own space is very comforting…

I’ve been up for a while this morning and I’m still feeling tired from yesterday (a long day with all sorts of complications requiring extra thought and extra effort to even begin to resolve). I’ve just finished my porridge and I’m sitting at my desk reading and replying to emails.

It’s not 8 O’clock yet, it’s dark outside, it’s just that kind of day. Today is March 1st and outside it’s quite Wintery.  The lights are on in the office and I’ve got Radio 4 quietly and gently offering up news, mainly bad, but in my small world, right here, right now, seems like a world away.  There’s something really comforting about these familiar voices, whatever dire news they’re presenting. I’m not really listening, just dipping in and out  ‘…green shoots of recovery’,  ‘…over 7 billion pounds for fines in that area’,  ‘the wealthier you were in Victorian times, the longer you lived’. So this is a small thing but the cosiness of being warm in the office, while it’s cold, wet and dark outside is a small joy.  My stomach is full from my porridge, a privilege that many across the world will not be experiencing.

Today’s small thing just has to be the feeling that just came over me as I’m sitting here at my desk, cossetted in my office, safe, warm and content, while the world goes on, somewhere ‘out there’.  A feeling of being detached and in my own bubble but also connected and part of something so much bigger…

With so much love

May 2, 2016

Post Office Brief Encounter

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Even the most mundane trips are an opportunity to connect with others…

Although I’m trying to find joy in small things all day, every day, I’m going to share with you as often as I can. Sometimes this will be a description, sometimes a video…. let’s just see how this goes.

Today’s ‘small thing’ was my walk from the car to the post office ( I know, I could have made it a much bigger thing by walking all the way there, but I just had too much to do today so I had to find joy in the small walk from the car to the Post Office.

Today, is a beautiful, spring-like day,  a special day as it is the 29th February!  So this particular ‘moment’ was quite rare (or not if you’re not into being constrained by the abstract concept of time)…. There is a definite chill in the air.

I park the car on a busy road where I always park but as far away from the Post Office as I can.  This road is lined with other cars and traffic busily rushing in both directions.  The grass seems greener than usual, probably just because the sun was shining. I notice the confused trees, already sprouting blossom, far too early but what an amazing sign that Spring is coming.  Life feels so cheerful and full of hope when blossom first appears.  I notice that the birds are really loving the sun, they’re chattering like mad.   I make it my mission to make eye contact with and smile with people, whether I ‘know’ them or not – to make a connection with them.  My face is bathed in sunlight and touched by the chilled breeze…  You can’t help feeling joy when you’ve got the sun on your face and the breeze in your hair.

It feels good to be outside and the cool air feels refreshing after the still, warm air in the house. When I get to the door of the Post Office, I am awkward and clumsy as I am carrying four bags full of parcels to post and they were making me at least three times as wide as I usually am, I exchange smiles and laughs with a lovely man (I’ve seen him around the town, but I don’t know his name) and he holds the door open for me and wishes me luck, I thank him and we laugh again.  A fleeting connection, one person helping another and hopefully two lives enriched by this small encounter, however brief…

With so much love,

May 2, 2016