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One day, we’ll realise that the ‘small’ things, were actually the ‘big’ things….

Life is short.  Whether we believe we have one life or many lives, it just doesn’t make sense to sleepwalk through it, as we only get one chance at this particular life.   The life that we’re in, right now, is speeding by and we barely notice what’s going on around us.  We rarely take time to slow down or stop to really experience events, relationships, sights, sounds, tastes…   Life has become so busy.  Our minds and bodies can be overwhelmed with stimuli from all directions, every minute of every day.

Our reliance on our mobile devices means that it is possible to allow interruptions and intrusions almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our youngsters have become addicted to constant contact with each other.  They are becoming dissatisfied with their lives, their bodies, their clothing, their cars, their jobs, their friends, their social lives, because they are comparing their own ‘real’  lives with the carefully chosen and edited versions of the lives their peers choose to portray on social media.  Carefully chosen, perfectly pouting ‘selfies’ that in reality, took 26 attempts to get that ‘just perfect’ look.  No wonder there is a frightening rise in mental health problems in teenagers.

Born Peaceful is a movement towards slowing down the pace of life to make sure we really experience and notice every single moment that we’re given.  When we try to find ‘Joy in small things’ we explore being able to find joy and peace in ordinary, everyday experiences and things.  I’ll be sharing practices, relaxations and meditations that you can use to take some ‘time out’ to re-connect and nurture your spirit.

We are privileged to be here so let’s make every moment count.  Let’s see if we can find ‘Joy in small things’ now, because one day, we will realise that these ‘small’ things, were actually the ‘big’ things…

I’ll be finding ‘Joy in small things’ on my own, with my friends and family.  So join me as I experiment with finding joy, peace, happiness, laughter and tranquillity, in everyday events and things.  We’ll share our experiences with you and  suggest some ways that you might be able find ‘Joy in small things’ too.

With so much love…

February 5, 2017
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