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Make your ‘tea break’ into a ‘me break’…

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I work from home, which is both a blessing and a curse.  I love my own company but I miss the buzz of working with other people.  In fact, it can be pretty lonely sometimes.  When you work from home, it can be difficult not to be distracted by the door bell, telephone, washing machine and general household maintenance jobs that just catch your attention every time you walk past.  I’ve been working from home for the last 14 years and in that time, I’ve used a tea break as an opportunity to put the washing on, quickly cook up a meal, browse social media (always extending into a much longer browse than I intended) and all manner of things that are neither ‘work’ nor ‘break’.  Sometimes, by the time I went to drink my tea, I’d been so distracted doing other things, that it was stewed and not really worth drinking.  I’d then take it back up to my office to drink it at my desk.  Not really a break at all.  How did I expect to come back to my work, refreshed and with renewed enthusiasm, focus or motivation?

Last summer, I decided that if I was going to have a tea break, I’d have a proper break.  I’d focus on making myself a really good cup of tea or coffee, in my favourite mug or cup and I’d sit and drink it without doing anything else.  In fact, I bought myself a lovely cup and saucer (the one in the picture) that I knew I’d love drinking from, to encourage myself to make the change.  I wanted my tea break to become more like a ritual.  I turned my frenetic farce of a tea break into a calm, loving and restful moment.  I began to stop work, carefully make myself a cup of tea or coffee in my favourite cup and then sit somewhere quiet, warm and comfortable (or in the conservatory with the rain hammering down on the roof) and just drink my tea, enjoy the taste, enjoy my cup, enjoy where I was sitting, my surroundings, the sights and sounds, and just ‘be’.   It really has turned into a loving ritual.  ‘Loving’ because I am loving myself enough to make myself a really good cup of tea rather than settling for a stewed, nearly cold cup of something bitter and unsatisfying.  I thought I’d share this with you, as I recently connected with the earth angel and spreader of love and truth, Scott Stabile, who used this very situation as an example of the small ways in which you can lavish ‘love’ on yourself by taking the time to be present and really ‘show up’ for yourself and how that can be as simple as taking the time and love to prepare yourself great drinks, good food, or choosing to wear underwear that feels good and doesn’t ride into your butt crack when you’re sitting at your computer!  So, I am not the only crazy ‘tea break ritual’ soul out there, Scott does it too!  I’d like to encourage you to do the same.  Make your ‘tea break’ into a ‘me break’.

With so much love!  Nixy

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May 3, 2018