About the Blog

The Born Peaceful Blog is your space to find some peace and joy!  Our mission is to encourage you to tend to your soul, find balance and find enjoyment in the smallest, everyday events and things.

We started Born Peaceful in response, not just to the stress that we were experiencing but in the stress that we were seeing all around us, and in particular, the ways that it was manifesting in people with anxiety, depression, exhaustion, addictions and eventually, physical illness.   So, the Born Peaceful Blog is a safe space where we can share relaxation practices, breathing practices, meditations, visualizations, exercises and anything that we feel might help you to find peace at any point during your busy life.

We’d like you to come to this space when you’ve got 2 minutes to spare from your busy day, those times when you need a ‘breather’…  Once we’ve given you some ideas and tools to help you, you probably won’t need us any more but still keep coming back for new inspiration, tools and techniques.

April 24, 2016